This picture aptly describes my position now. Except that I’m lying in bed rather than sitting and I’m female!😉Yes. I just finished a steaming mug of milo. And yes, I have a book before me. ( Exams are nearing.)

I know I haven’t done any writing in 2018 ( I’m sorrryy😭) and a random thoughts write-up is not a good start to the year on any day,but let me just pour. May I?

I think I’ve finally arrived at the place where I value peace and stability more. You know the thing where inconsistency is thrilling and the roller coaster is engaging? And your blood pressure is high, next day it’s calm?And you just don’t know what to do because the stress is addictive? You know that? Fam?! That belongs in the bin now. Mabr3!( Now where’s that bin emoji? 🤔)

Next thing I’ve come to value is friendship. Good old solid friendship. The kind you know you can count on. The kind that can anticipate your need and be there in time. That kind! That kind is worth tons and tons of gold bars. And I kid you not, such friendships exist.

Anywaaaay,😃aside the evolving state of my value systems😂, I should do a part two to Dear Darling. There’s a lot to be said after two-year spell, don’t you think?

And errm… Estrella is almost 3 years💃💃💃💃and I’m more excited about my birthday this year, I don’t even know why. Maybe we should do a joint celebration/ meet-up?

Aaand… I’ve started working out.😅 Yes. I’m surprised at myself too. Let’s just see how that goes. I’ll try to piece together a few of the ” events” in 2018 so far. I’m sure you’d be interested to know that I did a little politics😂( Yes, me oo!) and a few other weird stuff. Shey I told you I’ll be going rogue?

Whew! So finally, this is to say I’m still here, alive, well , I still will write and I’m thankful to everyone who has been encouraging me to write. It is you I write for.You lot make it worthwhile.