You know how you never seem to grow up in the sight of your folks? That’s my life’s story. I’m the youngest in my family. My older sister is eight years older than I am and my mum is in her sixties. So you can imagine what they think of my juvenile stresses and thoughts. Sad thing is, I don’t make it any easier for them to start seeing me as matured or whatever the word is. And here’s how.

 I have the Midas touch! Everything I touch  turns old( See what I did there?) or spoilt. You won’t believe it but I’ve got my name tag on every spoilt gadget in the house. If my destruction prowess was anything to go by, I would have been an engineer by now. The latest addition to my gallery of destruction is my mum’s BP apparatus. Charle, I stepped on it while laying my bed and cracked it.  The LCD was all over the place!😂😂

I’m laughing but honestly, it’s serious.It wasn’t intentional. I could never purposefully spoil that machine.Never. And I didn’t even bother saying sorry. Sorry wouldn’t cut it! Sorry won’t fix the broken screen. It’s going to take a whole lot of time, energy and resources to get another machine. I couldn’t personally cough up that amount to buy a new one at that ungodly hour. My name is etched forever on the memory of this broken machine.  Sorry won’t wipe it off. Whenever she goes to the hospital and she’s asked if she’s been monitoring her BP, guess who will be mentioned? Yours truly! If she gets a new one and it’s not as good as The former, guess who she’ll think about? Yours truly. The effect is indelible.

I agree. Sorry calms tempers and maybe if she wanted to give me a good spanking, she would probably let go because I said sorry. But guess whose name is still on the broken machine after the very sincere apology? Yours truly! 
And that’s what is happening a lot lately. Because it’s courteous to apologise,and we know it’s a Christian duty to forgive one another, we do not hesitate to fault each other. Yes! To err is human and there are genuine errors but how about that extra effort at manifesting the perfection Christ worked for in situations that could have been averted?  How about you stop whining about your imperfections and get your act together? How about embracing grace not to sin at all? How about counting the cost involved way before undertaking a venture? Like pursuing a woman? Dealing with a business partner? How about considering another’s feeling in every single action? Just so nobody is hurt while you’re seeking personal gratification?

My mum could have placed the machine at a more appropriate place. I could have also laid my bed earlier in the day rather than when I was barely awake. Some mistakes are clearly avoidable and those are not sorry-worthy. 

Anyway, I said sorry later. But guess what? It’s still broken. It can’t serve it’s purpose completely. I know i should be careful enough with gadgets next time so I don’t get them broken because I,sure as heaven, am tired of being called out for destroying stuff. 

If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them.

James 4:17

Everyone could be a lot more careful, a lot more responsible, you know? The apologies are fast becoming nauseating !