Recent happenings have drilled me a fountain of creative juices gushing forth. I’m so hyped up about this post, you have no idea!  Maybe after the victory, I’ll talk about it.  Anyway, Estrella will be a year old on the 17th of June and something special is on the way.  There’ll be lots of guest bloggers and newbies passing through and it’s going to be fun! fun! fun! So stick and stay. I cannot wait either!

So, to the heart of the matter.

If I could get a pesewa for all the times I’ve been called a feminist, women’s activist, etc I would have cured my ‘phonelessnessia’ with an iPhone 7 by now.  I do not have a problem with that tag so long as you don’t think I’m at war with men or whatever crazy idea people have about feminism. Plus, I think the fight for rights has gone beyond lines bordering religion, morality and the like and I hold strong Christian values that bear no congruence with certain tenets of these rights-seeking factions. So let’s not tow along those lines yet.

But here’s what I think. I think women have too many issues just because we’re female that we cannot afford to become an issue for ourselves. Simply put,  if it’s a girl at the helm of affairs, I’m with her all the way. Oh? That’s a lady behind that business?  I’m patronizing it. Is a lady running for office? Heavens yes! Support the vision. Period.

Before you go all intellectual on me, ever heard of “bro code”? Ever wondered why it’s a man’s world? It’s simple. Bro code.  Men support each other for the flimsiest of excuses.  “Oh he’s my brother. We bathed in the same cubicle back in high school“.  And trust me, they give it their best shot. They make it wash! Come hell or high waters, this “cubicle-bath-partner” will rise above all the odds on the shoulders of his friend. In 9 out of 10 cases, this decision is devoid of any intellectual inclination. No buts whatsoever.  And you wonder why it’s a man’s world?


I’ll  give your brain a little nudge. Remember we were once locked up in the kitchen?  Then, we were encouraged to step out and see the world? Now, we know we are capable of  tackling issues on any level, be it on the social, corporate or the domestic  field. Soon, we won’t just be seeing the world, we’ll be running it completely and we must be  combat ready for the time that is oh so near. Backbiting and discouraging each other is not the definition, in any language, for preparation. None at all. There’s really nothing wrong with supporting a sister going higher. No. She wouldn’t walk all over you. Unless, of course, you would do same if you were in her shoes. Then it’s totally acceptable to think that of her.  If we get this deeply ingrained in our feminine minds, there’ll be no sea of opportunity we cannot conquer. Together!

Maybe, just maybe, we wouldn’t have had to fight this long for equality if we had caught hold of this light earlier.

We can’t keep backtracking our own progress. I’m proud of every lady working her butts off to get herself up there. When you succeed, it’s a win for me. It says to my daughters, you’re well able. My granddaughters will know, with surety, that they can be whatever God says they’ll be. The environment is no less enabling. Their sexuality is no disadvantage.


This is a clarion call. An awakening. We cannot be our own enemies. It will be at the cost of our daughters, granddaughters, great-granddaughters and god-daughters and we cannot afford that! Not in this generation and certainly, not in the next! Let’s support each other, ladies!


PS: I drafted this a while ago. I hoped for a victory. There was none. Everyone ganged up on the lady. Even ladies. Sad.