😭😭😭😭😭😭Today marks the end of this blogging challenge. This journey has been everything!  Fun,  exciting,  tiring,  mind- boggling,  nonfa-in-me revealing,  you name it!  But it all comes to a close after this. Special thanks to you for being here on the last day. I wrote this because of you. 💟💟💟

Day 30

My Hopes For This Blog. 

Number 1:  When you see them nominating blogs,  ayaa nominate me some,  wai? 

Number 2: Rebranding,  restructuring,  redesigning in due time. 

On a more serious note,  I hope to see this space become everyone’s space. As in,  a shared community of like-minded bloggers who give people something for their minds anytime they come here. Of course,  not without a heavy dose of the Word of God, nonfa and comical sentiments.

In short, lives must be touched by this blog. Lives will be touched by this blog! 

I want to use this opportunity to thank everyone who was here throughout this journey, my critics and cheerleaders. Amazing journey that was worth the while because of you. I love you guys to bits. 

Officially,  the challenge has been wrapped!