This journey has been great. The process has been very rewarding. Meeting and beating deadlines, writing myself out of the writers’ block with nonfa, hearing the feedback, man! Too much love! Thank you guys so much. Today is day 29 and I have a confession.

Day 29

A Confession.

I’m not a natural at writing. I learnt to write and this is how.

Back in jss, English was a big deal. Everyone was expected to get a grade 1 because our teacher was really good at his job. He’s the kind that wrote out expressions for us to learn. He virtually fed us with vocabulary. If you ever hear me say or write ” sitting on tenterhooks” or “lambast your critics”, you should know I’m a student of Mr. Peterkin Akator.

He really encouraged us to ” have a good command of the Queen’s language” early in life. What’s more, the highest scoring essay was rewarded with 10,000 cedis. That was enough motivation for the jss 3 girl please. I crammed his vocabs, practiced his expressions, poured it back for him in ” red-pen free” essays ,but I never won the 10,000 cedis. There were gifted writers in my class.

After BECE, my poetry/ spoken word phase began after I developed a taste for rap music. I wrote a few pieces in senior high that I never had the opportunity to perform. But that phase quickly passed. Some tins just no dey.😂😂

But I had acquired a skill and it needed sharpening and shaping. So I started blogging. I started writing. And I’m still here learning.

So that’s the confession. I learnt to do this.You can learn too. Just practice.