I really look forward to writing my posts everyday. It’s amazing how I’ve come to love doing this no matter how busy I get.You made this possible with your feedback and comments and post shares.;) I’ll keep saying this. I have the beeest readers in the world!  

Day 28

My Most Embarrassing Moment

Hm. So this nice sister  (not me oo! ) is late for class. But as usual,  her pace is nothing  to judge how late she is by. So she’s pressing her phone and not paying attention to her environment because she wishes she wasn’t outside anyway. 

Suddenly a car grinds to a halt beside her. The driver makes a gesture for ‘ come ‘.She looks into the car and notices one of the ladies in her faculty so she thought it was a good Samaritan saving her the misery of the scorching sun. 

You should have seen her flick her fingers at the door excitedly in an attempt to open it. After fumbling with the handle for days,  it finally gave way only for the driver to say to the nice sister,  ” Please I’m picking my little sister behind you ”

Oh gosh!  And the car was full too!  So the nice sister mumbled an apology and continued her journey with her phone in hand being pressed. 

The nice sister wished with all her heart to be swallowed up in a vortex. I mean anything but to live with this thought. But alas,  that was not to be. She’s lived to tell the tale today. 

Moral: Next time,  don’t assume.  Ask. Or keep walking.