Day 27

What Is In My Closet?

I don’t even know where to start from. Okay, my locker has three compartments. No. I didn’t create those compartments. I came to meet them.

Topmost compartment : Jewellery, hair products, bags, hair accessories, shaving stick 😂, Sticky tape, hair dryer& straightener, clothes hangers and body lotion. ( Did I mention that I really do not like pomade? Grease makes me cringe 😣!)

Middle Compartment : Food! 😍😍😍, Cockery, Storage bowls.

Bottom Compartment : Clothes.

Did I just tell the world what’s in my locker??? The things we do for writing!😓

Thanks for coming anyway. Stay with me baby! We’re going home soon! 😂😂😂