Heeerrrhhh!  Today somebody bost my brain! I have the most amazing audience ever!  It’s always a great honour to hear the feedback. Gets the girl going! 💃💃

So this prompt says to write about a hidden talent. 😒😒How am I supposed to know if it’s a hidden talent?! 

Ok.. So i can really lay a bed well, kind courtesy  Mfantsiman Girls.Errm I can really talk. People say I don’t look it. I guess that makes it  count as hidden. I can dance too. Forget the height. I’m the exception to the ” tall girls don’t dance” rule. Errm,  I can also carry a bag of water. I do it against my chest. 😂 

There you have it. A few of my special hidden abilities. :):)Oh yes,  I almost forgot. I can hold a conversation with any kind of person. I learnt to do that actually. 

It’s a wrap!  Wheew! 

Thank you for sticking and staying through the great and nonfa days. 

Yours truly, :):)