Day 24

What attracts me in love?

Love. The  person I associate love with right now is Sr. Emily. My psychology lecturer! Good God!!  The woman is pure goals. From her first mention of  “Sistre Emily” I was smitten! Awurade,  maame no te brofo! And she’s so pretty! And dark. And has a great body. And an exquisite fashion sense for a nun! And she’s so smart it hurts!😭😭😭😭😭 

So yeah!  Those are some of the things that attract me in love. But from the kind of psychology I’ve been studying these days,  the love concept is a quagmire. A total mess of misconstrued emotions. The squishy butterfly feelings are nothing  but neurotransmitters- dopamine,  serotonin,  prolactin and their brothers.( Notice I didn’t say sisters?😂) Getting your head in and hopes up high is a delicious recipe for disaster. 

But God’s word is vindicated. He is love itself. ‘Cause there’s no way any of us could fulfill the 1 Cori 13 passage to the letter without faltering. But God! He did it in our dirtiest state. He still does it without reminding us of past failures.He’ll keep doing it so long as we are willing to accept Him.So long us we allow ourselves to be loved. Paradoxically, that’s the only condition for His unconditional love! It’s amazing! 

Aden?  Na wo expecte somtin diffren anaa? I was only asked to say what was attractive to me o, not to enact a hindi movie.😂 But then , an earlier blogpost,  Dear Darling could satisfy your curiosity. 😝😝

Thank you  for coming anyway! You’re the best, you know?! 😚😘😘