What a week!  It’s been a busy  and tiring week for me but the best part is, it’s the good kind of tiredness. The one that makes you glad you’re alive. The one that gives all types of  wonderful feelings.The one that makes you want to write all about it.Yeah, that kind.

So I’m glad I’m back here.Today, I’ll share what makes me happy. 

Day 20

What makes me happy. 

1. Sleep. Lots of it. You know the kind where you sleep till you get tired?That kind of sleep goes papa! 

2. Beef burger with double cheese and fries.  Herh!  I’ll start dancing adowa. 

3. Good conversations. Deep ones. With a lot of laughter. And realness. And openness. Sigh. 🙂

4.Conquering a challenge. Winning. Succeeding at something. 

5. Family gatherings. My mum,  sis and I chatting. 

6. Helping. 

7. A eureka moment. A light bulb moment. 

8.Sleep. Watching people sleep. 

9. Hillsong.  Hillsong Young And Free.  Hillsong. 😍😍 That’s synonymous to good music.I hope you know that. 😄

10.And the presence of God. Nah.. I think that’s beyond happiness. That’s joy! 😌😌😌