Lemme tell you the truth. ( I like saying that, huh?) 😂😂😂 The truth is I have the best readers in the world! Your response and feedback reaallyy encourages me.Thank you for spurring me on. I appreciate it. 😌😌😌

Day 17

My Favourite Blogs

Bloggers need appreciation.We thrive on it actually. Believe you me, it takes extra effort to keep all write-ups in one place,  be consistent at it, pay a web designer to do eye-catchy stuff with your space and hustle through promoting your blog posts on social media. So we gotta celebrate ’em! It’s bloggers appreciation day! 💃💃💃

If you’ve been around for a while,  I’m sure you would be able to predict the blogger I’d tag as a fave judging by my style of writing. 

Its no other than… ( drumroll) …the one… ( drum roll) the only… Uncle Ben Anyan. 😂😂www.goldinwords.com. See, this man is the best and it’s not even up for a debate!  His craft, content,  sense of humour, common sense, Godly sense, whew! What a man!  When I grow up,  I want to be like him. 😂😂😂😂

But you see,  we all can’t be Ben Anyan.  I’m Ellen 😌 and I’ll grow! ;)We grow by practice,constructive criticism and encouragement. So the next time you see a budding writer’s post that is of interest to you in a teeny, weeny, little way, visit the site. Boost our confidence and stats.;)Criticise constructively and share when you like it. With time,  we’ll grow and be better and be like Ben Anyan. 😂😂

That being said, special shout outs to some personal persons, Kwadwo(kayO15.blogspot.com) and Tsetsewa( notesofakukieblog.wordpress.com) please I see your likes and me too Im liking some!😘,the fashion blogger -Antwiwaa( theantwiwaa.com)😌.Great great people! Let’s keep doing this, alright? 

 To my constant visitors,  I write for you guys!  Cheers! 😘