I think an education is one of the best things that happened to man. In fact,  it actually is one of the first things that man had to go through. He woke up from deep sleep and  took an educational tour of the garden. Well,  he did his homework well and realised all the animals were in pairs and he needed his partner too. So you see,  Adam was a sharp guy! 

Education breeds enlightenment. It’s like the thing was there,  but was covered in darkness so you probe and grope till you shine light on it so everyone sees it too. Your education is never complete until you’re able to share. Note this. 

Lately,  in sharing,  we end up giving ourselves too much credit for knowing. We then take steps further down the hill  to discredit the real Author of all knowledge. 

See, I believe this world was founded on principles. Principles that need adherence. And the first  of such principles is this ; God’s word is the only  true,  stand-alone knowledge . Again, He has exalted it above himself  so you can imagine the kind of power it wields.

With this in mind, like Adam, it behoves on us to do an educational tour  of our world and discover things for ourselves.Be a very sharp guy. He gave us brains so we can fish out man’s area of need, then he will supply/ inspire solutions based on His sovereign will ,if  only we ask. 

So, in my opinion,  there’s no real education and no real acquisition of knowledge outside the lens of the Word. It’s all sinking sands. They’ll change with ” experience “.Acknowledge the true source of knowledge and wealth in every dealing. It’s important . If you think it isn’t, ask the rich guy who filled up his storehouse and said to his soul,  “rejoice”, I’m sure he’ll give you a powerful testimony.