After several bouts of Hillsong indulgence,  I feel inspired to write today’s blog post. Thank you for being here regardless.  I know what purchasing data bundles mean. Trust me,  I know. So thank you once again. 

Day 15

Where Will I Be In Five Years? 

On my shelf,  where I’m slowly building my library 😌😌, you’ll find a little black book that could attempt to  answer this question in appreciable detail. However,  I’ll run through a few with you. 

Truth be told, the answer to this question is a firm   “I do not know”  ’cause it’s only  God, and God alone that knows the future. We merely make plans but God has the final say. 👆

In five years, by the grace of God, I’ll have a new title to my name. M.D. and be working towards a specialty.  I hope to have another title too,  yeesshhh!!!  A very lovely one, coupled with a ring on the finger,  yessssshhhhhh!!!!  😌😌😌😌Dear darling,  it’s OK. You can stop calculating. I’m very understanding. 😂😂

On a more serious note,  in five years , beyond the hectic hospital schedules,  beyond tomorrow’s anxieties,  I hope to be waxing strong in God’s love( Love on the Line,Hillsong inspired) , be looking up unto Him everyday and be changing still ( Transfiguration, Hillsong inspired). I hope to have inspired  as many lives as are in contact with me unto greatness in my own small way. 

Finally, in five years,  I should be a guitar guru, a graphic design maestro, an investments giant and a better cook!  😌😌😌😌 These ones,  by hook or crook, fair or foul means,  whether I like it or yes,  they must to happen! They must to!  Ona boni ntsoor?