Hello there!  Thanks for joining me on this journey. It’s been  14 days of back to back blog posts. Way to go! Today’s prompt gets me really giddy! I’ll be debunking some myths so prepare for the shock of your life! 

Day 14

Three Healthy Habits. 

1. Exercise regularly. 

2.Have enough rest

3. Eat healthy meals. 

Lol!  Just kidding!  I have something different in store. 


Doctors are the worst patients. 

Health tip 1.

Eat Chicken Skin. 

Yes. They told you to take the gross, fatty yucky part of chicken off. “It is safer to eat skinless chicken.”,they said. Tell you what?  The value is the same whether skin or no skin. The kind of fat the skin contains is unsaturated fat.Which is healthy, actually. So go on.Eat chicken skin.Especially when all the delicious seasoning is right there.Yum yum!

Health Tip 2 

Drink alcohol! 

You read right. Drink alcohol. That is if you’re comfortable with carbonated drinks,  tea,  black coffee,  etc. If you do not take in alcohol for health reasons then here’s what you have to know.  Alcohol causes fatty liver. So does coke,  fanta, etc. And so does tea,  coffee, etc. So you’re never safe unless of course you’re taking water. But you know these scientists!  They’ll soon tell us water is no longer safe. 

Health Tip 3

Minimize sleep. 

If you really know me,  you’ll understand why there’s a disclaimer up there! 😂😂😂

Anyway,  studies show that too much sleep dulls the brain and reduces mental alertness. Shorter periods of sleep have been attributed to high achievers and academic whizzes. So you know what to do if you want to be Einstein. 

Tip 2 though. It’s a subject for another day on the real and legitimate reasons for avoiding the devil’s bottle. 😉

Till then, as usual,  it’s one for your mind! ☺