Back in Mfantsiman Girls,  we called it ‘agboorma‘. That’s the term for people who  run their mouth, especially about things that do not exist or at best are not wholly true. I think I’ve found the reason for which people dabbled and danced in the river of agboorma. Unnecessarily high standards set by peers or by themselves. Whichever ways,  high standards. 

Here, you have a 22-year old unemployed female and you’re asking me what’s in my fridge? I do not own a fridge please. ☺

Dear one,  there’s no shame in  truth,only honour. Truth stands and stands alone. What?  You were expecting a litany of expensive drinks and  things unheard of?  Or have me rattle the contents of my parents fridge?  😂😂

Nah b. Integrity is doing right when no one’s watching. When you can’t be caught. Like honesty, it’s the best policy. 

So be like me. No agboorma! If you do not have it,  you do not have it! 
This is definitely one for your mind, or?