So I’m hanging out with Miriam after class and she goes like,  ” Ellen, have you written today’s post? ” Girl ,  I couldn’t have forgotten but I was surprised she had been following. And she was doing that silently. No comments,  likes, whatsoever!  It was good to know though.😌So this  is a shout out to all my other silent followers!  I know you’re there. It is for you I write. Macho macho love to y’all ❤  but show your face small,  OK? 

Day 12

My Favourite Childhood Book

As far as I can remember, I never had a party thrown for me on my birthday. But, I’ve seen a picture of me, standing behind a table, on which stood a bread-like cake poked by a single candle and  soft drinks arranged on its flanks like policemen on guard. If that was a party, like I said, I do not remember. 

What was the constant however, was a birthday meal.I cherished those. My mum cooked specially for me on my birthdays, even to date. And then, when she was feeling generous, she would get me a gift. No. She never got me a doll. My very ” spiritual ” mother believes those creatures are possessed! 😂  The only alternative then, was something to read. Maybe an alphabet puzzle or storybook. Tell you what, even a birthday card was an opportunity for her to get me to read!  Sigh. 

So on one of my birthdays I got a book. A very colourful five-paged book. On every page was a single sentence. I think I must have memorized it because it always rings in my head. 

Sue is six years old. 

Her mother is a Baker. 

She bakes sweet cookies for all her friends. 

Sue is learning how to bake too. 

She wants to bake for all her friends too, including you. 

The end. 

Don’t you love a mother like mine?? 

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