Helluuurrrr!!” *In Madea’s voice*

It’s always a great feeling seeing you here. This is no formality. In all honesty,  it really is a great feeling. Day 11? You’re still here ?  And you are not the real MVP?  What are you saying?!💃💃💃💃

Day 11

My 10 favourite foods. 

I know what good food is. Think I’m lying? 

1.     I woke up one bright morning and my first thought was “Fufu and chicken groundnut soup is the best meal in the whole  world!” Hoh! Forget the devotion! 

2. Yam and momoni-laden kontomire sauce,swimming in red oil. These  words should make you salivate even under anticholinergic conditions. 😌

3. Have you ever savoured the magic of milk-infested oats and egg sandwiches? 

4. Beef Ghanaian jollof rice is greater than the war. Nobody can force it to stoop so low!  It’s a lifestyle. An honour. 

5. I am a proud waakye- gari- salad-spag-egg-wele-fish- meat queuer!  That’s the definition of royalty. Forget Manhyia. 

6. No two ways about this. Fried riped plantains and beans is next to Jesus as saviour. Probably was on His right side on the cross. Paradise! 

7. Ever seen chilled Malta Guinness and Ideal milk  do the tango? Bossu, don’t try! 

8. Roasted ripe plantains( Kofi brokeman,sorry sikani)  and groundnuts. An ideal snack. 

9. My goodness! I almost forgot about milk-dominating,  sugar-supporting, groundnut- floating gari soaking! Trust me,  y’all who don’t like this princess need to see the taste- budsologist! 

10.  Fish light soup and fufu. Aaaah!  :)😌😌Need I say more?
Now, have you any doubts about my taste in food? Speak up now or forever hold your peace… 😂😂😂