Hello there!  Thank you guys for the amazing feedback and responses. I love them and I’m working on them. 👌

It’s day 10 people!  💃💃💃But…😷today’s prompt is harder than yesterday ‘s and I’ll tell you why in a bit. 

Day 10

The Best Trip Of  My Life. 

This is the hardest prompt yet. Because, to be very honest,  I can not  recall going on any trips, to talk of having a best. You  wouldn’t be telling lies to say my life has been boring. It really has! 
But,  on the brighter side,  I am looking forward to a day when I can pack a bag and in the next minute , find myself at Royal Senchi or some other nice place to give myself some good self lorvings. I mean, spend some  quality  time alone . 

Alone. I ought to blame this five- letter word for my non- adventurous tendencies. It’s unacceptable by all standards. I mean, who has no memorable fun trip to share with itchy- eared listeners?  Everyone does! Except yours truly, by reason of the word;  alone

I grew up learning to be alone and content. With my  big sister in senior high and a busy single parent,  I learnt to use the gas stove without supervision at a tender age. I learnt to quench the lights at home so no one would know my mum had travelled, my sister was in school and the six-year old was alone at home. I went to school alone and often walked back alone. 

Alone was my company till I entered the boarding house where I could never be alone! 😂😂I had to learn to live with people and there, I learnt it the hard way. So this here, is like a new start for me. A dawn of socialization where I learn to adapt to ,live with and enjoy the company of other people. 

Come to think of it,  the Royal Senchi thing would be nice with a group though,wouldn’t it?;)