Mmom mo mma yenka. Nonfa question ben nso nie? 

Hi there!  Thank you once again for visiting Estrella. It’s always heartwarming to know there’s someone who keeps coming back on here. 😌 You guys make writing absolutely worth writing. 

Today’s prompt is rather bizzare. I mean,  who asks to see what’s in a ladies’ bag?  Some guys  have never understood this issue of some ladies’  preference that has grown to become an issue of courtesy. My response is static.”What do you want to see?!”

In fact,  why do you think we carry huge pseudo-travelling bags on our arms when all you guys carry is  a wallet stuck somewhere in your rear pockets? You think we don’t wish to travel light as well? 

Well, we do.  Except that when travelling,  we’d want to use a mirror, to make sure the laborious contouring and  layering  is still in place. And of course, the make up bag- eyeliner, eye shadow,  lipstick- black, red, nude, purple,mascara, concealed, face powder, ,and the like. Hair gets a little messy often, so we’d take a comb- tail comb,  wide-toothed comb and maybe a hair brush too. See where I’m going with this? 

Trust me,  you wouldn’t want to know what I keep in my bag.  So let’s do this. Next time you see me,  arrest me and do the check for yourself! How about that?😁😂😂