It’s day 8 baybieee!  We’re on. Thank you so much for following. The feedback has been amazing. I’m encouraged to go on and on! Maybe even make it 31!😂😂

So, the prompt says to write about my 5 current goals. Hah!  That is pretty simple! 
1. Get a guitar. 

2. Buy a guitar

3. Own a guitar

4. Learn to play the guitar

5. Actually  play the guitar

There!  One-Two-Three-Four-Whooping Five goals! 

I’ve been telling everyone. This year,  if you’re thinking of getting me something, let that  be a guitar!  

And guess what?  My birthday is 25th July, my mum’s is 3rd March,  my sister’s is 25th January and Ghana’s is 6th March.  Nkrumah’s is 21st September( Thank you sis 😌), Rachel’s is 29th May,  Ohenewaa’s is 9th May and I wore my first shoe on 15th April.  So many opportunities to get me a guitar. In fact, lest I forget,  I had my first sore on 9th June. 😝So don’t slack! 

Tomorrow’s prompt looks like a tough one. Should get to it right away. 

Catchya later, x! 😘