I really want to edit this title because all my favourite songs are Hillsong songs. Now, is there any man, born of a woman, who doesn’t like Hillsong?! :):)And Taya Smith??! 😍😍😍😍😍( That’s the lady with  the soft voice in Oceans(Where Feet May Fail)  by the way). 

Day 7

My 5 Favourite Hillsong Songs. 😝

5.  Broken Vessels ( Amazing Grace )- (No Other Name, 2014)

4.Scandal of Grace -( Zion, 2013)

3. Love On The Line- ( Open Heaven / River Wild,2015)

2. No Other Name-( No Other Name, 2014)

1.Captain– ( Empires, 2015)

Trust me,  I had a harrrrdd time choosing. And anyone else would because Hillsong is amazeballs! 😍😍😍😍

So, let’s do something different. Indulge me,please? 😌😌What are your favorite Hillsong tracks? I’ld like to  hear them in the comments. And maybe I’d do something nice with it in my next post. Whatchya say?