Hey there!  Well done on coming this far.Still have a long way to go,right? We’ll survive!✊ 

Today,  the writing prompt says to share my fears. First off, lemme say I’m usually the one who steps up to kill bugs and roaches when other ladies are screaming and doing cute leaps and amp. So roaches, bugs and mice don’t scare me. 

However,  I recently got stinged by a bee and my face was disfigured! 😭😭 The pain was torturing. And so, I’m gradually finding it in me to fear bees and to stay clear off any hive, whatsoever. 

Let’s get down to business so I share other fears. 

Day 6

What am I afraid of?

I really fear my country will never change. I fear the revolutionalists of our time may succumb to social pressures to continue the trend. I fear literacy will forever remain in the minority. I fear poverty will stay in 

I fear deceit.I fear love. 

I fear I may lose my child-like love for God with increasing enlightenment. I fear I may never fulfill my life’s mission on earth in totality. I fear I may not be able to render proper accounts of my gifts to God on the final day. I fear I may never hear these words;” Well done, thou good and faithful servant. ”

Like all fears,  they ought to be worked on. It is for this reason, we write. It is for this we teach. It is for this we admonish. It is for this,we love anyway! 💪

Knowing,notwithstanding ,that one day,  all of these fears will  be nowhere near. 
We’ll do something fun tomorrow. You should stick around! 

x! 😚😚😚