You’re here on day 5?Way to go! Let’s do this to the end, shall we? 

Day 5

My Proudest Moment

Off the top of my head,  I’d mention 25th July, 2009. 

It was a keen contest between Frank Fiifi Aidoo and I. I don’t think he wanted it as much as I did(I may be wrong) but God knows I wanted it badly.For me, it was the prize. Literally. 

It was a symbol of hardwork. It was a representation of long hours of sleeplessness. It was compensation for the lonely afternoons I spent in  class after everyone had left  so I could keep myself at the top.  It was acetaminophen for the nights when I had to juggle watching ” The Two Sides Of Ana” and reading my social studies textbook because doing either one meant lagging on the other. It was something to make my mum happy and my sister,  well…,  be my sister. 😂

I had seen Elvis Sampson sweep all awards and become the overall best student at his graduation. It was a beautiful sight. Then,  I was  a little girl in a green pinaform entitled to a small book wrapped with the inscription, “First position in class five“. All of a sudden,  that award seemed so small. I wanted to be called for first position in every subject. I wanted my mum to come and hug me and do all the dramatic stuff Elvis’ mum was doing. 

Unfortunately, on the 25th of July, 2009, at my jss graduation, I didn’t make first position in all subjects.People like Fiifi and Charlotte were there to make life difficult 😂 but I managed to snatch a prize in all subjects and  I became the overall best student. And there was my mother in her Kente doing all the ‘keche‘.💃💃 

I  slept with my prizes spread all over the bed that night 😂😂. Unfortunately, I do not know the whereabouts of all 10 prizes but the memory is forever, you know?  It’s a constant reminder of what I can do by God’s grace if I let Him in the lead. 

Do you say at my age, I’m not allowed to celebrate a jss success? Heck!  Your opinion doesn’t count. I’d say,  celebrate the little successes all the way through till the end. It’s part of the process! 😉