Once again, I appreciate that you tapped the link and are reading this. You’re all I need,please?  So let’s do this together. 😄

Day 4

Your Dream Job

I wanted to be a lawyer , you know? Back then, if you were a little extroverted and had decent English grades, you were ‘made’ a lawyer. I still have some aunts calling me “me lawyer” even after entering the medical school. It sounds so out of place now but some people can simply not embrace change, can they?  Sigh. 

Anyway, someone asked  what my life’s mission was.  I did not have an answer. I still don’t. I haven’t been able to string together a couple of decent words worthy of describing my life’s mission. I only have one word- help.

I suck at initiatives. I do well at refining them. A dream job for me ,  should be something/someplace where my help is indispensable. In this job,  I should be the first name that pops up if anyone should seek expertise. When I’m long gone,  people must wish I were alive for my help’s sake. That would be a dream job. 

Pastor Jones of YCN/ WCG says that if your father can help you achieve your dream,  it’s no longer a dream. It’s a plan or an idea. All the reason why I’m comfortable in the passenger’s seat.

God is at the wheels.