A heartfelt thank you again for coming with me on this journey. It’s only day 3.There’s more to come…😁Stick with me, please? 
Day 3

My Favourite Quote 

The Bible is a real treasure. I believe it holds all answers to life’s turmoils. Today,  I want to share a quote from the deepest and most insightful person to have ever walked on earth;  Jesus. 

“I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for his sheep. ”

– Jesus of Nazareth ( John 10:11)

The quote above directly addresses a vital  trait every leader must possess;  Sacrifice

Sacrifice means, greater good before personal gain. 

Sacrifice means put the interests of your followers ahead of personal interest. 

Sacrifice means  painful priorities first,  exciting trivials later. 

Sacrifice means steady growth of development even if there’s no glory to your name. 

Sacrifice means give off your time, energy and money to growing someone everyone has lost hope in. 

Dear future leader,  you cannot give what you do not have. Do not deceive yourself  into thinking that when the time comes,  you’ll be able to sacrifice pleasures for your followers when you haven’t sacrificed Jack for people in your life at the moment.And I do not mean the hypocritical kind of sacrifices you have made to keep a good name. 

Dear future leader,  You cannot give what you do not have! 

Real sacrifices are risky. Draining. Painful. Tiring. Long. Insulting. You will be spat on and treated bitterly just like His sacrifice on the cross- The greatest sacrifice of all time! 

Good shepherds(good presidents, parents, MPs, Leaders,pastors) lay down their lives (comforts,pleasures,interests) for the sheep (people, children,constituents , followers,members).

Are you a good shepherd?