Thank you for sticking around! Hang in there, there’s a lot more to go. Feel free to share,  like and comment as well. Which one can you relate to? 

Day 2


1.   Once, some guy stopped me  and asked how tall I was.Said 5ft 8in. Guy said ’twas impossible. He’s a ‘heights expert’  or something of that sort and I should be about 6ft.

Still crying.😭😭😭

2.Contrary to popular opinion, I amaze myself at how silly I can be sometimes.

3. When you see me, holler at me would you please? 9/10 times, I can’t see you.  And no. I don’t want glasses. 😭😭😭

4.I’ve never been on a plane. 

5. Why on earth would you adopt a dog?  Much worse, why would you go shopping for cat food?  Isn’t there any leftover in your home? 

Please Don’t bring that beast near me. 😒😒

6. Favourite day of the week is idleday.Take away class, errands, responsibilities and thank God it’s Idledaaayyy! 

7. I’m a stay-at-home girl and not proud. Gimme a reason to hang out  and I gladly would. 

8. I over-think things. 

9. You can’t win me over with chocolate. Eeew! 

10. I’m incredibly shy sometimes. Only sometimes. 

11. If anybody tells me I look like a  quiet person again,  I just might punch them… 

12. Ignore fact 11. I can’t hurt a fly. 

13.  I actually love food. And I don’t take lady bites. And I eat quickly. In 5mins max , I should be done.  Because time no sheda dey. 

14. Repeat fact 8. In addition,  I remember everything. Every single thing.  Except, of course, the important things. 

15. I’m still single after 22 years on planet earth. I never bore. 

16. I can’t wait to be a doctor. I can wait to be a doctor. Don’t get confused. 

17. Help! I’m still trying to find something I can be scared of. Like bugs,cockroaches or mice even. It’s so cute when girls yell at them. I want to do cute stuff like that when I grow up. 

18. Once upon a time,  before an oestrogen surge and consequential mammary gland development,  I was a tomboy. 😒Don’t gloat about it. 

19. My shoe- size is 42.

20. I can’t find anything to put here but right after I hit publish,  all the amazing stuff will flood my mind! 😒
Day 2 has been conquered! 💃💃💃Let’s do this again tomorrow.