I haven’t been a faithful girlfriend. I’ve been that on-and-off spouse who’s only been available at her convenience. 

When we started off , dizzying as it was, I was glued to you.Writing daily. Excited about the thought that my thoughts were being breathed into life by writing. Sadly,  I do not seem to have the willpower to change on my own. This challenge, I hope,  will help me fall in love with you again. 

Day 1.


Estrella! – It’s one for your mind. 

Lemme share the story behind Estrella. Before this was Ellen’s hub, The Ellen Digest, Nsoronma,  Rheyrelle’s. Nsoronma was,however, the closest run to Estrella. I picked Estrella was because it had a nice ring to my ear.It was like magic on my tongue and  these were mere appetizers to the main cause.Pun intended please. 

I started off writing as an escape. The blog became the barrel  where I emptied my tear glands. I sought also, to highlight societal actions in contrast with the Word of God. The word of God is light and so begat Estrella,  meaning shining star, bright light, etc. 

Light leaves an impression. Light cannot struggle to shine. Light appears at will,  and lingers till it is turned off by time or will. Iwant my posts leaving a lasting impression.I hope to give readers something to think about after an encounter with Estrella. Something to trigger  self-examination , an after-taste. And so begat the tag line, It’s one for your mind.To those who’ve been asking, now you know.☺ 

The feedback has been overwhelming and I have reason to believe I have the best audience every writer dreams of. I should take this opportunity to thank Dr. Sakyi, for the jolt of a lifetime,  soon-to-be Dr. Godson, for seeing sense in my seemingly senseless posts,  to everyone who’s helped edit my pieces,  to everyone who has shared my posts,  to everyone who has urged me on with your comments and dissatisfaction and more importantly, to you, for reading this. 

Do you have something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t quite believed you could, start anyway! 

That’s the story of Estrella.