Cynism has replaced optimism. When I had my rose-tinted glasses on, everything seemed perfect. Possible. Beautiful. Everything held good prospects only if I was willing to try. After two tries, I feel I’ve seen enough. Lies. Lies. And more lies. 

I cry a lot easily now. It’s like the lid to my tear reservoir has been taken off. It’s amazing the kind of things that trigger my tears nowadays. I feel broken, stupid, sad. At the same time vengeful, bitter and angry. 

Then comes the Word of God. It says to “…forgive those who trespass against us…“without stating whether they are remorseful or not,reminding me for the umpteenth time how hard it is to be Christian. So I get back to crying.  This time to God. My stupid self wants to blame God for His hard Word. At that instant,I’m prompted;

Did you listen to Me?

More cries but a lesson too— Not victimized, only a learner.