Finally,it’s the final day.I didn’t think I could go through with this. I’m not a big fan of quotes.( In the quietness of my heart, I think people obsessed with quotes are somewhat over-exuberant, too-knowing wannabes.) But it’s been fun! I’ve thought deeply about powerful words certain great men have uttered and they make perfect sense. So once again,  thanks to the lovely Tsetsewa for this challenge! 

No factor is more important in people’s psychological development and motivation than the value judgements they make about themselves.”                   

—Nathaniel Branden

Today, I started and finished Joyce Meyer’s The Power Of Forgiveness. Never have I,in all twenty-two years spent on this earth, read a book with a timely message as this. Here’s a young lady who recently found out she was a Melancholic-Choleric when she’s believed all along she was Sanguine-Choleric. Well, I do talk. I actually love talking,but it’s only when I’m with people I know.  I don’t know how I pushed myself into believing I’m a Sanguine all these years. I have definitely not been the life of any party. Hell, I won’t even attend a party unless I reaaally have to.So I agree,I’m melancholic.

I found out Melancholics are orderly people(not the neat kind of orderly),  have their stuff  planned out, hate spontaneity, complain by whining ,not by ordering about, and the big one—overthink things till they are blown out of proportion. That is so me.

I know what I want my life to look like. I’m taking pains, albeit hard, to make them happen. When something goes slightly off-track, I blame myself,  overthink things and mull over them till they become too big to accept.Then I lash out at any  unfortunate, unsuspecting offender.

But the book gave me reasons to forgive myself. I’m melancholic. It’s alright. But I’m human too. As much as I would want things to be perfect, I would make mistakes.  In my weaknesses, my melancholic self should always remember to dwell on God’s strength. It is only in Him I’m made perfect!

When I caught hold of this, boy if you knew the excitement! I valued myself again even though I had erred.Nathaniel Branden’s quote couldn’t make any more sense! I felt a release. I felt free. I felt motivated again.  To try and sometimes err, learn and grow! It’s been an amazing day!

And I feel like continuing this challenge tomorrow!😱

So here are the rules of the challenge;

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