Mixed feelings.Consistency. These two are foes battling for supremacy of  my mind right now. Tsetsewa threw me a quote challenge, I accepted.  I must go through with this. 💪So yes, if you haven’t seen her place yet, hurry! You’re running late. 

That’s my pastor up there. Amazing man of God. Too much wisdom in one head.Been under his tutelage since I was thirteen. If you ever passed through Winners’ Chapel Ghana’s Teens’ Church and you do not know this quote off the top of your head, then I wonder…

I decided to share this with my audience today. Preparation precedes proper performance. If you refuse to prepare, you will repair. However, it is better to prepare than to repair.( I’m sounding like him already!)

 In a nutshell, if you see yourself being or doing something big in the near or far future, get to it. Find materials. Read! Pastor Jones will tell you, “If you sit to read, you will rise to lead.” Garner knowledge. Practice what you’ve read. Make room for errors. Correct them. Practice again. That’s preparation. After that, watch yourself perform when the spotlight is placed on you! 

It is always better to put yourself under tough training than to regret in tough situations. One for your mind or nah?

Day 2 has been wrapped!

Here are the rules;

*Thank the person who nominated you. 

*Post 1-3 quotes daily for 3 consecutive days.
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