Dear Darling, 

Is it legit to miss you even though we haven’t met? Honestly,  I wish you would show up already. Movies and social media do nothing but keep me in anticipation of you.Don’t you worry your big head though, they won’t  cloud my judgement. 

How did I know your head is big? Of course, it should be. It need be big to accommodate a bigger forebrain because you’re smart. Ha! Thought I couldn’t figure it out? 

Anyway, I can’t wait to have us hold hands and pray, and to have you pass by just to drop the book you thought I’d enjoy reading so you bought, and to listen to you go on and on about your projects,  to see your eyes light up with enthusiasm at the thought of them. I can’t wait to admire you while you place a premium on purity in our relationship and proceed to control your little man like the big man you are. I can’t wait to stand by your side and be your biggest cheerleader in everyway and I can’t wait for our first fight too, to see you lead us to a compromise in maturity and the fear of God. That would be a lovely sight to behold, don’t you agree?

Did I  mention that I’m going to learn to play the guitar? Of course I’d sing for you.It won’t be with this croaky voice though.Fret not, a voice trainer has been booked. Aaand, I think cooking is a beautiful art that everyone should learn. So don’t you worry. When we marry,your garden eggs stew and okro stew will be finger-freaking-licking. I’m still learning to ‘drive’ fufu though! 😓But I will survive.

Only if you would plleeaasseee show your face soon. Absence is only making my heart grow fonder. 



P.S: Please I’m  pretty ambitious.You know that, right? And because you have  plans of your own, you’re not intimidated,right? Awwwwnnnn..I love you already! 😍😍😍😍

P.P.S.:You know I’m terribly flawed,right? And you won’t constantly remind me of them, right? And you’ll exercise patience in dealing with them because you recognize you’re flawed too,right? Awwwwwwnnnn…I’m melting.😍😍😍😍😍

P.P.P.S: You realize I like talking right?  But you love me still? OMG! OMG! My heart rate has doubled!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍OK.OK.. I’m going…🚶🚶but you’ll hear from me soon.Maybe in the next minute…