I was ready to bang my gavel and pass judgement. Albeit no fancy wig ( Pardon me, oh ye learned fellows) my barely combed hair could pass for it. I sat behind the bench ready to hit at the slightest provocation.Then these words came up on the screen;

In the beginning…

The angel Lucifer was cast out of Heaven and condemned to rule Hell for all eternity.

“Order! Order!Point of correction. He was not ruling hell for eternity. He will be CAST into the lake of fire,along with Hell and Hades.” I said, adjusting my holier-than-thou -tinted glasses.

Until he decided to take a vacation…

” Preposterous! These people can’t be serious! Such blasphemy of the sacrosanct Word of God!”

As though on cue, an incredibly handsome  guy steps onto the screen tapping away at his steering wheel.He sported a black jacket  over a white shirt which was buttoned up only high enough to peek at a fine, masculine chest. Looked like he was having the time of his life, cruising- sorry, overspeeding in a black, vintage corvette (Thank you, Google.) ,licensed FALLIN1. This cute stranger(Tom Ellis) got pulled over by a cop and with a delicious Bri-ish accent charmed his way out of trouble short of a few bucks he ‘generously’ gave away.

​ ​Whoa! So much for my judgemental self. This must be some pretty interesting stuff, I thought and boy was I served! It was a plate heaped with pun, wit, sass,sarcasm and funny one-liners with a huge slice of sharp rebuttals and oh, a  topping of corny lines from a smart mouth! Just the way I want it.I must admit,the writers did a brilliant job spinning a story this good around the biblical fall of Lucifer. Although tempted to take a jab at them for the blasphemy and some inconsistencies, I’ll let it slide. Let’s shelf them for later. 

However, I’ve been inspired! Allow me to share.

1. “It’s ok Officer,people like to tell me things.Deep, dark things that they desire..” The devil knows nothing! We did feed him everything he knows. He gets into our heads afterwards, plays tricks with our minds and gives us all he wants for us. Self-condemnation.Sounds familiar?

2. “I only introduced you…I suggested you worked with him not sleep with him!” You 👏call 👏the👏 shots 👏ooo 👏you 👏call 👏the👏 shots! Stop giving him credit for things he has no control over. He only suggests.Lures.Entices.Deceives.He can’t force you.The devil is that powerless! It has been your choice from the onset. Perhaps, you’ld want to change that.

3. “Girl made me crazy!” “Women can do that.Doesn’t mean you should beat them up, does it?”  For God’s sake! Even the devil knows this. Enough said! 

4. “I really tried to keep that in..”  “Well,you tried, that’s what matters.” Yes, you have fallen a few times. Maybe an I-can’t-count times already. That’s fine. Just keep trying. Embrace God’s strength, get up,get back on track and run the race. That’s what matters.

5. “You know you gonna have to get much better at lying if you’re going to be president?”  Lol. This was my favourite actually.And the smirk! Spot on! Too many lying politicians. And to think that is Lucifer’s criterion for presidency?  Ha! I’m done here.

I know. I know. It’s just episode one but I’m excited already. You could post your favourite scenes/lines in the comments too. Would be great to know my readers have taste for fine things..Aannd… wait for it…..Estrella! is a month old today.  Yaaaay! Long live Estrella!