Joshua 1:3

Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon, that have I given unto you, as I said unto Moses.” 

I love how the 21st century Christian-the enlightened and voracious eater of knowledge-thinks.”God knows I’m mere mortal.He can’t possibly expect me to go by all those rules? That’s why He gave me brains to think for myself. If it makes me feel good and my brain says it’s okay,why not?” Next thing you know,we are claiming all the blessings in the Bible. Using a spiritual sieve purposely for sifting the blessings  of the Word,leaving out the less favourable ones. The ones that call for self-denial. The ones that build us up in our “most holy faith”.[ stay with me, I’m going somewhere with this.]
​So I’ve been seeing this scripture. The opening one. I’m sure if your mum is as prayerful as mine, and you’ve attended an interview or anything of that sort before, that was your walking stick. And after confessing it a number of times, you’re charged up and ready  for the interview. You know, ready to possess your possessions and all that! I know I’ve been there and I bet the interview panel at UGMS know it too.

But the scripture got me thinking recently. If you were told you were going to own the next place you went,where would you go? I know I’ll be aboard the next flight to Dubai and I’ll make sure I float in the air till I can safely land my feet in some sheikh’s house. But on a rather serious note, where would you be? 
​In my senior high school, everyone owned a pair of plimsolls( plims,we called it). And the plims were in variants- different styles, colours, brands, etc. Like plimsolls in Mfantsiman Girls, everyone has ’em.Everyone’s feet touches the ground. At least there’s still freedom of movement in Mahamaland of all our woes.But how prim are your soles? Do they go anywhere so long as they are wanted? Do they not prioritize? Do they not plan? Do they not know they shall inherit wherever they touch?  Do they not know that they’ll reap what they sow? Do they not know? 

Next time you quote this scripture in relation to an impending pyrrhic victory, remember  not to be a Word-sifter, choosing  what favours you. I-receive-it-ing and I-claim-it-seven-times-ing  things that only feed your fleshly desires. Tailor your feet’s destinations to suit your dreams. Ask yourself,”Is this what I want for the future?” Even with churches. You need not be at every ‘prophetic’ meeting.Be circumspect in your dealings. 
Your feet are precious.Protect them. Do not compromise your stand.Let your soles be prim and proper. They decide your inheritance.Wear your prim-soles with honour.