I plunged into writing with so much gusto,thoroughly excited about the prospects.Barely a week into this adventure and I am having an acute case of writer’s block.It appears asymptomatic because topics that would make a scintillating read are produced and remain in the zygotic stage but to birth them out becomes a herculean task.

However,as ravishing as I would want my write-ups to be to every discerning reader, I hope not to solely enthrall but also to keep you ruminating the issues I raise.I’m not one for verbosity.I believe they slow the pace of the mind’s understanding and rid a brilliant piece of its salt. Imagine having to take in a sip of water after every morsel of fufu ingested.Who would do that but an ignorant babe who has not had any prior training in cultivating the art of skillful swallowing of a fufu ball? Yet we writers subject our poor readers to such intellectual torture in the name of ‘matured writing’ so to exhibit intellectual dexterity. 

You can really attest to the fact that I’m having a writer’s block. I do not even know where I’m going aboard this train of thought.  Maybe one day I will be able to do a good cross- examination of the issue of verbosity.

Until then, I’m happy to have broken the jinx of the writers block and hopefully, I can put my zygotic thoughts into writing again.Thank you for reading this even if you cannot make head or tail of it. You’re the real MVP!