I’m still swooning over the responses from my introductory post.I’m overwhelmed and it’s justifiable because a little bird told me that the typical, hardened ‘ghanaman’ is repelled by books or anything bearing remote semblance to long passages. They suggested to keep it ‘short and light’ so I guess the bird was right after all. I promise to really try -as hard as I can- to keep the posts like mini-skirts – short, but covering the most important parts. But truth be told, when some things must be said, they must be said and I will say it. Because, in the words of Madam Charlotte Osei, ‘it’s my blog, I like it, I chose it, it makes me happy’. I know.  I can be mischievous at times.


If you can sing the national anthem of Ghana, I suggest you try to drown the singing voice in your head. Lest you be caught in the sorry effects of familiarity; the reason for this post actually.

God bless our homeland,Ghana and make our nation great and strong…” 

Wow! What powerful words for an opening. The reverence of the sovereignty of God as a nation is brought to bare in this statement and rightfully so too.Who else deserves reverence besides God?  Its use as an opening statement clearly shows how much priority is given and emphasis is laid on God to be the one to make us great and strong.Now, that’s where the issue lies.

Sometimes I’m tempted to think we,as a people,  burden God with so much trifles when he has given us brains, natural resources and “..all that pertains to life and godliness”.But I won’t succumb to such temptation.He can handle it, He’s omnipotent. Then again, maybe His seeming silence is so to tickle our conscience.

I think I overheard a popular man of God say, “God will not do for you what he has empowered you to do”. I downright concur. Our knees may be scraped in continuous pursuit of a revival for our nation in prayer but will come to nought if we do not put our brains to task.

Let’s seek attitudinal reforms rather than shallow educational reforms. Lets choose time-consciousness over money-consciousness. Let’s embrace selflessness rather than selfishness and be patriotic,than apathetic.Then will our nation be great and strong.In the end, it is God’s doing because he made the endowment in the first place.

Well, what do I know?  I’m only a juvenile full of youthful exuberance and possessing an infantile mind.But I say  this is one for our minds.What say you?