Everyone  loathes know-it-all lecturers. The kind that are quick to remind you of ” the time I spent in UK” or the ones that make sure you know  ” you people are joking here.”  

Then there are the ones who make you feel like you’re equals. They address you by a proper title,  say ” you guys” in reference to the class and apologise genuinely for being late.Funny enough, those I do not like too. Their presentations are meticulously punctuated with some quote or witty saying by we-dont-know-who who lived in the  nineteenth century BC. Sigh. Who cares?

So I had the most electrifying jolt of my life one day while going through a presentation of the sort of the latter. It said,

“Try something new.Better yourself.Convince yourself that you are beyond limits.”

Poof! It was as quick as a flash. Faster than lightening.Coursing through every fibre of my being. I was being reminded that I had let myself go.That I was not challenging myself anymore. That I had rested on my oars and was constantly dusting my accolades.That I had neglected all passions in pursuit of this one.  My mind did a quick restructuring and I realised( yeah, I do a lot of realizing!😂) I had neglected my first love- writing. 

So I’ve started a blog and this is my first post! Yaaay! I’m hoping  this will get me to”…constantly better myself.. ” at writing. I’m getting a guitar too.It’s about time! And I’m going to learn graphic design, basic Photoshop skills,etc and better my cooking and better my speech skills and better my interpersonal relationships and just better myself!

So here’s one for Dr.Sakyi, my Immunology lecturer for this rude yet timely awakening and here is one for your mind!